Meet Our Fam

Welcome to the Paws To Swim Blog! My husband Henry and I feel so fortunate to be the new owners of P2S. We're hoping this blog will help you get to know us, our facility and all our canine friends a little better.  


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Meet our Pack!

Lincoln, our "first born," came into our lives when he was just 6 weeks old, weighing only 6lbs. Eight years and 60lbs later, he continues to warm our hearts with his sweet, sensitive nature. Although not much of a swimmer growing up, he has learned to enjoy the water, especially when treats are involved. Lincoln loves to give kisses and has been known to attempt to check out one's back teeth with his tongue, earning him the nickname "the sneaky dentist."  

We like to refer to Faith as a "Pit Bull Retriever" because she is relentless when chasing a tennis ball, although a true retriever probably doesn't destroy the ball when they're done playing, as Faith prefers to do. We adopted her from South Caroline Pit Bull Rescue in 2008 when she was 6 months old. Faith has a bad elbow, but luckily we have found swimming to be the perfect low impact exercise for this active girl. 

Gypsy is the newest addition to our pack. She was rescued last summer from a bad situation, but you would never know it, as she has adapted nicely to her new role as a house dog. In true hound fashion, she enjoys chasing rabbits, sniffing the entire yard and eating everything in sight. She exudes happiness and everyone who meets her can't help but fall in love, just as we did. 


Stop by anytime to meet this rowdy crew!