Introduction to Swimming - 60 minutes - $65 

At your first visit, we fit your dog in a harness or floatation device, practice entering and exiting the pool safely and assess his or her needs to create an individualized training program for subsequent sessions. All dogs start with the Introductory Swim. 

Assisted Swim - 30 minutes - $45

Ideal for older, arthritic, overweight or rehabilitation clients, one of our trainers will work alongside your dog in the pool to offer extra assistance. 

Topside Assisted Swim - 30 minutes - $35

One of our professional trainers works one-on-one with your dog from the deck (trainer is not in the pool), addressing individual needs. 



Unassisted Swim - 30 minutes - $30

Once you and your dog are comfortable with our method, you may guide your pet in his or her swimming routine unassisted.

Unassisted Swim - 60 minutes - $60

Our extended unassisted session is available to clients and dogs who are experienced in our method and looking for added training or therapy, or who desire extra time for rinsing and drying post-swim.

*A shower is available for rinsing after swimming, please allow time for this during your allotted session. Please bring your own towel.