Assisted Swim- one of our trainers works one-on-one in the pool with your dog. All new swimmers start with an assisted swim. 

Unassisted Swim- once you and your dog are comfortable with our method, you may guide your pet in his or her swimming routine unassisted.

Dock Diving- we now offer assisted and unassisted sessions on our outdoor dock diving platform in Rockville. Pricing is the same as our indoor pool pricing. Only staff is allowed in the pool.

Our standard pricing includes up to 2 dogs. Clients that have 3 or more dogs (or groups of 3 or more dogs) will pay an additional "multi dog fee" of $10 per 30 mins. 

We offer packages for unassisted swims that bring the price for a 30 min session from $30 to $25. 

*A shower is available for rinsing after swimming, please allow time for this during your allotted session. Please bring your own towel. 




 Standard (1 or 2 dogs)          Multi-Dog (3-7 dogs)

Assisted:     30 min= $45                     $55
                        60 min = $65                   $85

Unassisted:  30 min = $30                  $40
                          60 min = $60                 $80

Unassisted Packages:
   4 x 30 min swims= $100                   $140
   4 x 60 min swims = $200                 $280