Committed to Fitness and Recreation

Our indoor swimming facility is specifically designed to promote positive experiences for pets and owners alike with health and safety in mind. All pools are heated, tested several times a day for quality and filtered frequently through oversized sand filters.  

We now offer seasonal dock diving at our Rockville facility.

Our Pools

Our Story

PAWS TO SWIM opened in 2002 when founder Debbie Logerfo sought treatment for her Bernese Mountain Dog, Davos, diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. Swimming helped ward off the crippling arthritis often associated with the diagnosis, and Debbie discovered endless benefits to the practice. 

ALICE AND HENRY NICKEL took ownership in 2015 after a decade fostering and working with dogs. A longtime administrative assistant at Betty Baugh's Animal Clinic, Alice helped to establish animal rescue groups in both South Carolina and Virginia. The husband and wife duo consider swimming a longtime passion and bring a fresh energy to the program. 

Our Rockville location was built specifically for dogs and offers 3 indoor, heated pools. This facility was tailor-made with in-ground ramps for dogs with medical issues, reluctant swimmers and dogs that are new to swimming. Experienced swimmers are also welcome here and seem to enjoy the option of multiple pools.

Our new Patterson Avenue location is convenient to Richmond. The large indoor pool (which was once used for scuba diving instruction) has been outfitted with ramps to make it dog-friendly. This pool is great for experienced swimmers and offers more room for retrieving. Due to the depth of this pool, dogs needing swimming assistance will be encouraged to visit our Rockville location initally.